21 Deadly Project Management Mistakes & How to Avoid Them for Project Success

21 Mistakes BookThis book focuses on solving those problems which consistently plague the project management environment and cause projects to come in late and over budget.

Dr. Mathis focuses his years of experience in a text to assist project managers from experiencing these problems with real-world ideas for not only dealing with the problem, but also in preventing it from happening.

Read how to reduce conflict, gather requirements correctly and how to increase your chances of success in any project.


It is like having a consultant in a book!

Here are some of the problems and solutions discussed:

  • Fitting project management methodology into the corporate culture
  • Planning after you have a detailed interview with the customer
  • Ways to handle top down planning, which fight against real requirements
  • Skills required for high-functioning project teams
  • Detailing the roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder
  • Establishing accountability and high productivity
  • Creating realistic timelines, which are based on fact not fiction
  • Detailed WBS creation which has enough depth to run the project
  • Implementation strategies for putting the plan into action
  • Communication is the key to driving the project forward
  • Auditing usage and methodologies
  • Project performance appraisals which measure project management skills
  • Preventing project and department turf battles
  • Examining the critical path for productivity
  • Using change management systems for control and documentation
  • Understanding the project chain of command in a matrix organization
  • Monitoring team commitment and over allocation
  • Confronting the status quo to break mediocrity
  • Lessons learned benefits and their influence
  • Creating a best practices for continuous learning

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Publication Year: 2011